Past Featured Breakfasts

Hi, Yolk Lover! Here’s where you will find all breakfasts and other Yolk Lovers that have been featured in the Yolk Lover’s Guide, so far – a toolkit by Meag’s Eggs, designed to inspire you to get creative with your breakfast routine. Free, in your inbox, 1-2 times per month. Check them out for inspiration, and be sure to tag me or send me your photos when you try a recipe and want to be featured!

Sandy’s Baked Eggs Sweet Potato Boats

@SandyEatsEverything recently tried out my sweet potato boats recipe – and added some delicious toppings of her own! Looks amazing. Get the recipe that inspired her here.

Kerry DiNardo’s Home Fries with Green Pepper

Foto 18-05-17, 8 26 15 PM
@Kerrydeee123 recently cooked up some eggs in hashbrowns with green pepper – one of my favorite combinations. Just sauté the potatoes and peppers for a few minutes before cracking the eggs in. Get the recipe that inspired her here.