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Tips from Yolk Lover’s Guide #6 – November 2017

Egg in a Hole How-To (1)

Everything But The Bagel Mix

Tips from Yolk Lover’s Guide #5 – October 2017

Squash Recipes

Recipes by time (1)

Breakfast Burritos

Tips from Yolk Lover’s Guide #4 – September 2017

Breadless Breakfast Ideas

Refrigerate or Not 2 (1)


Tips from Yolk Lover’s Guide #3 – August 2017

What to Make for Brunch with Friends (1)

Some recipes take a little longer, making them perfect for weekend brunch. Impress friends with prosciutto egg cups made in a muffin tin. Mini breakfast pizzas made with naan can serve a group. Heat up eggs in leftover pasta for a weekend hangover cure. Or experiment with eggs and savory toppings on puff pastry for a fun build-your-own brunch.

Peel Eggs More Easily (2)

Want to read more on peeling eggs? The Pioneer Woman has a great guide. When you’ve perfected your peel technique, try out these recipes using soft-boiled eggs.

Making Eggs on an Electric Stove (1)

After 3 glorious years using gas stoves, I’m moving to an apartment with an electric. If visits to my mom’s house are any indication, cooking eggs on an electric stove feels impossible! I’ve begun to research coping mechanisms; The tips above are the most common electric stove hacks I found. They come from this helpful Reddit thread, and this Kitchn article (read the comments, too!). Send me any other tips you know at!

Tips from Yolk Lover’s Guide #2 – 7.27.2017

  • Staple groceries for fancier breakfasts every day
    Keep your refrigerator stocked with versatile, staple groceries that you can use in different ways: • Cut sweet potatoes into “toast” slices for your eggs and save the leftovers for a hash or skillet. • Keep zucchini & squash for skillets, as a side, or for topping a breakfast pizza. • Cherry tomatoes complement almost every savory egg dish. • Spinach can be sauteed for a side, put on toast for a benedict, or act as a bed for eggs. • Prosciutto slices can pair with poached eggs for a benedict, be used for baked egg cups, top a breakfast pizza, or star in crostini.
    (You’ll notice that all of these ingredients pop up in my recipes regularly!)
  • Breakfast meal prep: Egg dishes you can save and bring to work
    Want to make better breakfasts, but can’t find time to cook in the morning? Meal prep and a muffin tin can help! Many egg recipes call for multiple servings and keep well for reheating later. Easy eggs made in “cup” form using a muffin tin include: prosciutto or bacon egg cups, baked eggs in bread cups, and waffle cups. Other prep-able recipes that don’t require the tin: bell-pepper cups, puff pastry egg tarts, and baked eggs ciabatta rolls.
  • What to make for breakfast when you have less than 10 minutes
    (In subsequent guides, we’ll explore other timeframes.)
    What egg breakfast should you eat when you’re in a rush? Fried eggs on toast: each egg takes less than 5 minutes using my lid method, or crack 2 eggs into a small pan at once. Dress up your toast with something flavorful like sriracha mayo while the eggs cook.  6-minute soft-boiled eggs, using an egg cooker or this quick method, can be sliced for toast. Egg-in-a-hole: fry an egg into a hole in some bread – it’s as quick as frying eggs on their own. Poached eggs on toast: Poach 2 eggs using my quick method, toast bread (or alternative like sweet potato), voila.

Tips from Yolk Lover’s Guide #1 – 6.29.2017

  • Printable cheat sheet: How to Poach EggsPoached Eggs Infographic
    When I asked what you wish was easier about making eggs for breakfast, 90% of you gave an answer about poached eggs. So I made you a printable cheat sheet for my tried and true poach method, available only to Yolk Lovers first! Download the image version here, or the PDF version here.
  • How to fry eggs without flipping, but still cook the top
    I find myself ruining a lot of eggs when I rely on the flip method for fried eggs, so instead I opt for the lid method: Crack the egg into the pan, let cook for about a minute, then cover for the last 45-60 seconds. Wiggle the pan to check that the egg whites have cooked over, but the yolk stays soft and jiggly, then remove from heat immediately. No egg gymnastics required.
  • Hard boiling eggs: Stove-top or in the oven?
    Are you in a rush? You may want to hard boil your eggs using the traditional stove-top method. Do you have more time, but don’t want to monitor boiling water? You may want to try the oven method. Stove-top takes less than 20 minutes, while hard boiling (using a muffin tin) in the oven takes over 30 minutes. Either way, peeling eggs after hard-boiling is more difficult if you use fresh eggs. My advice? Boil them stove-top at least 5 days after purchasing. Here’s a good recipe. In a serious pinch? The Dash egg cooker I use for soft-boiling can hard boil eggs in about 10 minutes (and they taste great!).