Soft Scrambled Waffle Toast with Smoked Salmon and Chives

Here’s my most common work-from-home lunch toast these days: an everything-but-the-bagel seasoned waffle, made gluten free/paleo/vegan by Swapples. Topped with chive cream cheese, smoked salmon, soft scrambled egg, and chives on top!

The reason I love this toast is because of how gut friendly it is, while still filling me up. Quarantine has certainly made me lean more heavily on unhealthy snacks (and more frequent glasses of weeknight wine) and sometimes my bloated stomach asks for a break. And this gentle lunch always does the trick. Scroll on for the quick recipe!

Please note: I’m based in Washington, DC, where Swapples frozen waffles originated and are very easy to find. If you live elsewhere in the US, you can find them online here. If you’re international, you’ll have to find an alternative or make your own waffles for now – apologies in advance for any inconvenience!


  • 1 savory waffle (I use Swapples frozen Everything waffles, but you can use whatever kind you have!)
  • About 1/2 tbsp cream cheese (I like whipped chive cream cheese)
  • About half of a full package slice of smoked salmon
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 tsp chopped green onion (chives)

Estim. Prep & Cooking Time: about 10 mins


  • If you’re using Swapples like I do, start with them first, since they take longer to toast than typical frozen waffles. If using your own waffle, start by making it from scratch, or hold off on toasting typical frozen ones until the egg is done (see below).
    • For Swapples, prepare using package instructions. Microwave one Swapple on a plate for 1 minute, then toast for 7 minutes or as desired for crispiness.
  • While the Swapple toasts, prepare your slices of smoked salmon, get your cream cheese ready, and chop your green onions for topping.
  • While the Swapple continues to toast, begin scrambling your egg. Use my simple method located here!
    • If you’re using a different kind of frozen waffle, now would be a good time to toast it.
  • When your waffle is toasted to your liking, spread on the cream cheese, then add the salmon.
  • Finally, scoop the scrambled egg on top of the salmon, and top with the green onion.
  • Then season with salt and pepper to your liking.
  • Take pictures of your meal and tag me on Instagram so I can see it!

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