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Are you trying to up your breakfast game? I hear so many people say they want to do more with eggs in the morning, but they “could never get up that early” or produce that much mental energy before 9am. I get it – there are mornings when all I can muster is my mug of black coffee.

BUT – making a delicious breakfast doesn’t have to be labor-intensive. If you’ve read my recipes, you know that efficiency and shortcuts are the key to a gourmet-seeming (but actually easy) eggsperiment before work. Now, I want to show you how.

Enter, the Yolk Lover’s Guide: a toolkit that will teach you it IS possible to try new recipes with eggs and have a satisfying breakfast in the morning, WHILE working a full-time job and still getting out the door on time.

How? I’m sharing tips and tricks inspired by your questions about eggs breakfasts (How to poach? Fastest egg recipes? Help me stop breaking yolks?). I’m featuring breakfasts by yolk lovers like YOU. And I’m rounding up the latest recipes to inspire you.

Sound like the guide can help you change up your breakfast routine? Get in on it here!

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