Soy Eggs on Drunken Toast

After years of seeing them on Instagram, quarantine cooking curiosity finally led me to try marinating soy eggs!

Simple Scrambled Eggs

Scrambling eggs is one of the best ways to prepare them, because it can be done so quickly and easily!

Bruschetta Toast with Ricotta and Jammy Eggs

Tomatoes and basil were high on my quarantine grocery shopping list because there are so many recipes you can make with them. I also had ricotta on hand for a separate recipe, so one morning I decided it would make a delicious base for a toast.

Easy Ham Egg-in-a-Hole Toast for the Family

My latest egg-in-a-hole eggsperiment: making breakfast for the whole family at once with eggs and ham. I like to spend at least one morning over the holidays preparing a Meags Eggs inspired meal for my family while we’re all home together. This year, I made 4 toasts on the stovetop. Read how below. If you…

Crispy Broccoli Egg Toasts

If you’ve never thought of broccoli as breakfast appropriate, I’m here to change your mind. I’ve never claimed to be healthy recipe creator, but a recent, ongoing acid reflux flare-up (my first ever) made me take a hard look at my eating habits, and has also given me the creativity to create delicious meals using…

Spinach & Bean Egg Toasts with Red Pepper Flakes

This was a spontaneous idea inspired by a can of beans that has lived in my pantry forever – how’s that for food blog glamour? I didn’t know what to expect with this one, but I had a feeling throwing red pepper flakes on it would make it taste good, no matter what. It turns…

Smoked Salmon Avocado Toast with Soft Boiled Eggs

I had extra smoked salmon from a previous recipe, so I created this quick, dressed up avocado toast to use it! If you make a similar avo toast, tag me, and you might be featured in the Yolk Lover’s Guide! Ingredients: 2 pieces of bread 1 avocado About 2 slices of smoked salmon (I used…