Hi, I’m Meaghan (Meag) Webster. I’m a communications professional in the Washington, D.C. area where I frequently experiment with breakfast before work. I created Meag’s Eggs as an Instagram in 2015 to share my eggsperiments and gain inspiration from food bloggers. What began as photos of my variations on poached eggs has evolved into a fun library of recipes using eggs in all kinds of ways (though poached eggs are still my favorite).

I launched this website in January 2017 in order to share the full recipes for my breakfasts – but you’ll usually still see them first on Instagram!

I make most of these breakfasts before work in the morning, so I use a lot of shortcuts that I’ll outline in my recipes so you can try them before your day starts, too.

In the name of transparency, if I ever receive compensation or free samples of a product I mention in my recipes, that post will be tagged ‘promotional.’

Thanks for visiting – get ready to try out some #yolkporn!