No-Flip Fried Eggs Method

I tried to like frying eggs over-easy. Except it wasn’t that easy, and I became lazy. So I regularly practice the lid method instead: letting the heat of a pan cook the bottom of an egg, and covering the pan to steam the top of the egg. It only takes a few minutes, and can be used to fry eggs for a variety of recipes!


  • 2 eggs
  • Olive oil or other cooking fat, like butter

Estim. Prep & Cooking Time: 8 mins.


  • Spray or lightly coat a small frying pan with olive oil. Heat on medium for a minute.
  • Crack an egg into the pan, and let cook for about a minute, until the egg whites start to turn white.
  • Cover the pan with a lid for the last 45-60 seconds, or until the top of the egg whites have set, but the yolk is still soft. To check, wiggle the pan to see if the yolk still jiggles.
  • When cooked to your preference, use a spatula to transfer the egg to a plate.
  • Repeat previous steps with the second egg (Note – on especially lazy mornings, I fry both eggs at the same time and let the egg whites join them together. You can separate them later using the spatula for two separate pieces of toast or if you just prefer eating them as 2 separate eggs!)
  • Plate, take a #yolkporn pic, tag @meags_eggs and enjoy – no egg gymnastics required!

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