Egg in a Bagel

Two of breakfast’s brightest stars: creamy yolks and warm bagels – combined here in a twist on the classic egg in a hole recipe. Keep this easier-than-it-looks breakfast in your arsenal for impressing friends and family, or throw it together just for yourself on a busy morning.


  • 1 bagel, sliced in half. (I like to use everything bagels, or jalapeño)
  • 2 eggs
  • Butter or cooking spray
  • Seasoning as desired

Estim. Prep & Cooking Time: 20 mins.


  • Assess the size of the holes in your bagel slices. If they’re an inch or less thick in diameter, I recommend tearing them to be a tad wider, so you’ll have more room for the egg to cook through. A shot glass makes a good sized hole.
  • Spray a small or medium pan with cooking spray or melt a little butter in it. Place one slice of the bagel in the pan, keeping heat on medium-low.
  • Carefully crack an egg into the bagel hole. The egg white might overflow out of the hole a little, but that’s okay (unless the egg totally slides out of the hole. If this happens, use a spoon to try to scoop it back in, or start over with a bigger bagel hole – it happens to the best of us).
  • Keeping heat on medium-low, use a spatula to occasionally move the bagel around a bit so the bottom doesn’t burn. The bottom of the egg will cook quickly, but the top will take some time. You can cover the pan with a lid to speed it up. I cover it with a lid just long enough to let the whites cook over while leaving the yolk still soft and runny.
  • When cooked to your preference, remove from heat with the spatula and repeat with the second bagel half and egg. Season to taste.
  • Admire your work, take a pic, tag me, and enjoy!
  • Eating tip: use a fork and knife to cut the bagel pie-style, so you get a bite of yolky egg and bagel all at once.


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